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Why do Dogs Like to Play Fetch ?

Why do Dogs Like to Play Fetch ? 

Many dog owners might be wondering Why do Dogs Like to Play Fetch ? . Many dogs want to keep playing fetch with their owners and they simply love doing that.

What is the reason behind this nature of dogs ?

By the law of nature , every creature on this planet has got some innate qualities within them . The word Innate means , something inborn or natural. Certain dog varieties will be naturally inclined to fetching due to their genetic nature in them. For instance terriers have a natural instinct in them to play fetch than other breeds such as hound.

German shepherd dogs naturally love to play fetch due to the innate nature of it. It loves to bring back the ball or the bone repeatedly. Things like this are inborn for certain breeds and not all dogs will like to play fetch .


why dogs like to play fetch

In one of the most famous movies from Hollywood Hachi the dog’s tale , the dog does not fetch the ball thrown by the owner . It does not like it because those breeds are not for fetching .


Some of the psychologists believe that the dog fetches it only due to the natural prey instinct . It would have had the prey instinct and that is the major reason for dogs to like fetching. They substantiate this theory with the reason that the dog wants to share the prey with the owner. This is why it is keen to bring it back and give the bone or the ball to their respective owners.

The chasing part is fun for all dogs and they also get rewards from the owner when it brings it back . This can be traced to the conditioning done to the dogs by their owners. When the respective behavior is awarded by their owners, it naturally tends to repeat the same more often.

To conclude , dogs love anything to do with stimulating exercises and outdoor activities. It completely rejuvenates them . Fetching activity gives them the necessary elements to enjoy , have fun and exercises. It is a natural instinct for them .

If your dog does not fetch , you will have to check about the history of the breed. Maybe fetching for that particular breed is not possible.Some of the dog breeds do not fetch.



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