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How to train a dog to use a litter box ?

How to train a dog to use a litter box ?

First of all let us begin by congratulating you for taking more care about your dog. This is an important aspect that every dog owner must have. Now to answer your question on How to train a dog to use a litter box ? Let us analyze the whole process in a step by stem manner.

The first and the most important aspect is that you need to purchase a good litter box for your dog. Dogs tend to hate some models psychologically and they will prefer not to use them . So make sure that the litter box you purchase is good quality . Here is one product from amazon which has got tremendous reviews. You can purchase that by clicking on the image below.

If your dog breed is of small variety , please click on this and purchase the below mentioned litter box. This variety is much more simple and easy to use than other complex varieties. So we recommend this product for smaller breeds and puppy dogs.

dog litter box for small dogs

dog litter box for small dogs

If your dog is kind of big , then we advise you to go for another product. This is getting amazing reviews from the customers who got it after our recommendations . Please do check out the product below. Some of the other varieties may not last for a long time . We have listed one product that is portable and customers feel good about the easy to use nature of the product.

Litter box for big dogs

Litter box for big dogs .Click and purchase me :)

 Can you train a dog to use a litter box ?

The answer to this question is an obvious YES. Of-course this is pretty much easy to do . However, you must understand the process behind this and that can make things simpler.

We need to condition the dog to use the litter box or tray . Simple as that. Now let us understand what is conditioning a dog ? When your dog performs a desired behavior you appreciate it with treats or by praising it with words like good . Hence after repeated practice your dog will understand that this is the correct behavior and will learn to do that alone.

The first step is to make sure that you take your dog immediately after eating something to the litter tray and make it poop on the tray. After completing this , you must ensure that you treat the dog and this is known as positive reinforcement . When you begin to do this process repeatedly , there comes a point when your dog will automatically go to the litter tray when it feels like it.

We have written an excellent article on Potty Training, you can check that out and there are products that you can purchase to professionally potty train your dog.

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