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Good dog breeds for Apartments

Good dog breeds for Apartments

Are you looking to buy a dog ? If you are living in an apartment , then you might have questions on your mind such as which are good dog breeds for apartments. Yes, you must always make your bit of research before raising a dog in your apartment . The reason for this is because certain dogs do not cope well in apartments. It also depends upon the size of your apartment. If it is too small ,then dogs do not get the necessary space to roam around . This situation can be tricky for dog lovers.

So we thought we can come up with Good dog breeds for your apartments . Here is our list of suggestions. Please take a look at it. 

What Dogs are good for apartments ? 

  • Pug : This is wonderful if you are running out of space . Pugs can play around in small areas and cope up well . This breed does not shed much hair and it is friendly too. You might want to keep this as an option if your space is kind of small . 
  • Chi Weenies : This dog breed is absolutely cute and small . Many apartment owners prefer to buy Chi Weenies as it is very small and can adapt to an apartment living condition. Even if you have a small apartment space, this dog is good for you . 
  • Shiz-Tu : This dog breed is absolutely suitable for apartments. They come from Chinese origin and they are friendly . It is small and can easily cope up in an apartment living space. 
  • Scottish Terrier is another pick from us. You might want to check that out. 
  • Daschund : Very famous breed in United states of America . People prefer this because of its unique structure , cuteness , it does not shed much hair and copes very well in any apartment.

Apart from these varieties :West Highland Terrier   or Yorkshire Terrier

Since you are planning to purchase a dog and raise it in an apartment condition , we though this will be a good idea to mention about one of our recently published post. We had published an article about training a dog to use litter box. This can be extremely useful for dog owners living inside apartments.

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