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What is the best dog training method ?

What is the best dog training method ? 

There are thousands of dog training videos available online and it is being priced heavily . We want to suggest the best dog training method available online for dog lovers. There are some important reasons for us to recommend this product.

a) It is cheap and the training methods employed by the trainer is easy and approved by the American dog association .

b) No harsh methods are employed in the training program.

c) Have sucessfully trained thousands of Dogs over the span of more than 10 years. Dan has also been providing great tips and advice for the owners.

d) The training program works for all breeds. It is not restricted to a single breed alone. Even the most ferocious breed can be trained using the same methods and techniques.

What is the best dog training program ?

Now let us get you introduced you to the best dog training program available online. Here is the picture of the program , you can click this and enter the website to know more details. This is absolutely fantastic and we have tried every single method suggested by the wonderful dog trainer , Doggy Dan .

What is the best dog training method

When you click on the above mention method , it will lead you to the website portal of Doggy Dan. This program is really fantastic even for beginners and advanced trainers.The amount of materials contained in the program needs a special appreciation from the team . The cost for the program is absolutely cheap when you look at the quality of training materials , videos, useful tips provided. You can stop searching for other programs online and purchase this training program. 

Even the most disobedient dogs have been trained with the help of the training methods suggested by Dan. There are lot of testimonials available on the website, which you can go through to see the results obtained from it.

Regarding training your dogs, we wrote a recent article on training a dog to use a litter box. You can read that .

Can you Train dogs to poop in one place ?

Can you train dogs to poop in one place ?

Dog owners face this problem of dogs pooping everywhere. The question now is can you train dogs to poop in one place ? The answer is absolutely yes. Dogs can be easily trained to poop in one place and there are certain steps and techniques you need to follow . Let us examine the steps in detail . Training your dog to use one specific place for pooping can be extremely useful for the dog owners. You can eliminate unwanted stress , messy place , and less work when you are finished training your dog to poop in one place. Follow these steps and you will achieve this in a matter of weeks.

  • Set up a proper feeding schedule : Feed your dogs only during particular time is essential . You must not feed at irregular timings. If you can observe and note down when your dog will poop , this can help you train your dog easily.
  • Note down signs such as dog sniffing the floor and looking for pooping. Every dog will do this behavior before pooping . When you can find out these signs , you can immediately take your dog to the

We suggest you to use one particular pooping area and the best thing to do this would be to purchase the below mentioned product .

Can you Train dogs to poop in one place ?

Litter box for big dogs .Click and purchase me :)

When you purchase something like the above mentioned product. The training part will be easy for you . Choose a command that best suits for potty training. Something which is short and easy to understand for your dogs will be great. For example you can say Po- poo every time when your dog is feeling like pooping. Use the similar tone and voice modulation so that your dog understands it.

Leash your dog and give the command to go potty in the box . After your dog obeys the command and goes poop in the area , immediately reward your dog with the favorite treats.

Rewarding your dog is the most important aspect because it will give signals to your dog to repeat the same behavior .

After you reward your dog and encourage the behavior , the dog will learn that this is the desired behavior and will keep doing the same.

Remember to have patience while you potty train your dog. This is very important in the learning process and never forget to praise your dog or reward it with treats.


How to train a dog to use a litter box ?

How to train a dog to use a litter box ?

First of all let us begin by congratulating you for taking more care about your dog. This is an important aspect that every dog owner must have. Now to answer your question on How to train a dog to use a litter box ? Let us analyze the whole process in a step by stem manner.

The first and the most important aspect is that you need to purchase a good litter box for your dog. Dogs tend to hate some models psychologically and they will prefer not to use them . So make sure that the litter box you purchase is good quality . Here is one product from amazon which has got tremendous reviews. You can purchase that by clicking on the image below.

If your dog breed is of small variety , please click on this and purchase the below mentioned litter box. This variety is much more simple and easy to use than other complex varieties. So we recommend this product for smaller breeds and puppy dogs.

dog litter box for small dogs

dog litter box for small dogs

If your dog is kind of big , then we advise you to go for another product. This is getting amazing reviews from the customers who got it after our recommendations . Please do check out the product below. Some of the other varieties may not last for a long time . We have listed one product that is portable and customers feel good about the easy to use nature of the product.

Litter box for big dogs

Litter box for big dogs .Click and purchase me :)

 Can you train a dog to use a litter box ?

The answer to this question is an obvious YES. Of-course this is pretty much easy to do . However, you must understand the process behind this and that can make things simpler.

We need to condition the dog to use the litter box or tray . Simple as that. Now let us understand what is conditioning a dog ? When your dog performs a desired behavior you appreciate it with treats or by praising it with words like good . Hence after repeated practice your dog will understand that this is the correct behavior and will learn to do that alone.

The first step is to make sure that you take your dog immediately after eating something to the litter tray and make it poop on the tray. After completing this , you must ensure that you treat the dog and this is known as positive reinforcement . When you begin to do this process repeatedly , there comes a point when your dog will automatically go to the litter tray when it feels like it.

We have written an excellent article on Potty Training, you can check that out and there are products that you can purchase to professionally potty train your dog.

Where can I buy a clicker for dog training ?

Where can I buy a clicker for dog training ?  

Lot of people have been posting this question to us. Hence we thought we will write an article titled : Where can I buy a clicker for dog training ? . We will recommend the best clicker for you that can be purchased and delivered easily . 

What is clicker training for dogs ?

This is a positive reinforcement psychology technique which has been the most effective form . Dogs have responded extremely well to clicker training. You click and make a sound when your dog does something right. In other words , when your dog does the desire behavior you click and make a sound with a clicker , followed by a treat. This will tell teach the dog positive reinforcement , making the dog to repeat the behavior more often. 

Where can i buy a clicker for training dogs

Clicker for Dog training

Clicker training for puppies ? 

Yes, you can use the same method for dogs as well as puppies . This works best when you teach your dogs at an early stage. So when you begin teaching clicker training for your puppy , it is something good and you need not have any second thoughts about it. We recently wrote an article about the importance of potty training, similarly clicker training is equally important.

Having kept you well informed about clicker training , we will now begin to get to the most important aspect . To suggest you the best clicker which you can buy online at an amazing price. 

This clicker is pretty good and this is kind of cheap . It only costs around 6.99 . We recommend this product for those who know about clicker training.

You might also want to take a look at the product developed by the dog expert Karen . This comes with cool looking cards that teach you clicker training along with the product itself . So you get the entire training kit along with you when you purchase this product . Please have a look at it. It has been getting rave reviews for the cool tricks and tips. The clicker attached with it is also cool .

 You can also check out our recent article about the best chew toy . Please do share and spread the news about our website. This can help us grow and provide you more such information. Thanks in advance :) 


How to potty train a puppy in a week ?

How to potty train a puppy in a week ?

Once you own a puppy it is very important to know A-Z of Potty training. Potty training can be overwhelming for the owner and the puppy in the beginning but like all things practice makes a man perfect. In this case, the owner and the pet.  You don’t want your pet to be messing around the house and always make you clean up the place. It is important for the pup to realize where to go and that will only happen if you guide him/her in the right way.

The most important aspect of potty training is patience. As an owner it is important not to get agitated or loose patience, remember a puppy is like your kid! Consistency is another key factor. Consistent training with patience will make your puppy obedient. Let us look at some of the important aspects of Potty training.

We will also recommend you the most professional training method online. You can learn to potty train a puppy in a week using these methods.

How to poppy train your puppy in a week

How to Poppy Train your puppy in 6 days ?

  • Small bladder,less control – It is imperative to understand that the bladder of a puppy is very small and the puppy has no clue whatsoever about controlling. If the intake is more, they urinate the same.
  • Schedule and Regulation – It is very important to have a proper schedule for feeding. It will help you to regulate the output. Usually puppies have to be fed many times over the day, remember the more you feed, the more nature calls! Don’t tamper with the schedule.
  • Anticipate, act – You can almost expect your puppy to urinate every 30 – 60 minutes.  Pay keen attention to the number of times your puppy urinates so that you can anticipate and take him/her to the potty place. Digestive tract of a puppy works very fast and quickly. After eating food a puppy will want to defecate in 5-30 minutes.

We advise you to start training your puppy , by purchasing this dog litter box. 

  • Close not far – Now you know that your puppy goes potty often, the bathroom should be close and easily accessible by the puppy.
  • Be kind and patient – It is important to be kind and patient with your puppy. Don’t scold him/her . Never physically hurt the puppy. Remember love can win anything. It is important to be assertive but don’t scare the puppy.
  • Appreciate and show your love – Whenever your puppy does the right thing show your love. If the puppy pees in the designated area be appreciative. Be lavish in your praise. This will encourage the puppy to follow the routine every single day.

 You might also want to take a look at the professional poppy training guide. This will enable you to implement things quickly and this is a proven method . 

Potty training