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Why do Puppies Eat Quickly

Why do Puppies Eat Quickly ?

Have you ever wondered why do puppies eat quickly ? The moment you keep them the food bowl , they simply gobble it without tasting it or keeping the food in their mouth for some time. Puppies tend to swallow everything very quickly and there are  some serious issues involved such as choking , vomiting and bloating of their stomach and belly regions. Even older dogs have the habit of eating too fast and you can observe this when you throw some bread slices to the dogs. The moment you throw some bread slices , they gobble it and anticipate for the next one.

why puppies eat quickly


Why do Puppies Eat Fast ? 

We have seen several dog varieties in the past and everyone of them were eating too fast. The breed of the dogs is not the reason for puppies eating quickly . Some owners might get the doubt whether it is because of the dog breed variety , the answer is no . One of the most critically acclaimed behavioral therapists have written in his book that the puppies have an innate  instinct in them to eat quickly and to look for the next available food item.

These are laws designed by nature and when we start questioning them , we have many different answers and theories for the same question .One can certainly buy the judgement that these are innate qualities designed by the law of nature for dogs. It helps them to survive with the other animals .

This gobbling of food can be slowed down with the help of specially designed bowls for dogs. The owners can also avoid feeding too much of food at once . We must use these techniques to help the dogs slow down the gobbling of food. Choking , Vomiting and other unwanted things can be stopped with the help of these methods. Puppies do not know that it should not gobble all the food at once and owners can ensure that they feed the puppy slowly .

Why do Dogs Like to Play Fetch ?

Why do Dogs Like to Play Fetch ? 

Many dog owners might be wondering Why do Dogs Like to Play Fetch ? . Many dogs want to keep playing fetch with their owners and they simply love doing that.

What is the reason behind this nature of dogs ?

By the law of nature , every creature on this planet has got some innate qualities within them . The word Innate means , something inborn or natural. Certain dog varieties will be naturally inclined to fetching due to their genetic nature in them. For instance terriers have a natural instinct in them to play fetch than other breeds such as hound.

German shepherd dogs naturally love to play fetch due to the innate nature of it. It loves to bring back the ball or the bone repeatedly. Things like this are inborn for certain breeds and not all dogs will like to play fetch .


why dogs like to play fetch

In one of the most famous movies from Hollywood Hachi the dog’s tale , the dog does not fetch the ball thrown by the owner . It does not like it because those breeds are not for fetching .


Some of the psychologists believe that the dog fetches it only due to the natural prey instinct . It would have had the prey instinct and that is the major reason for dogs to like fetching. They substantiate this theory with the reason that the dog wants to share the prey with the owner. This is why it is keen to bring it back and give the bone or the ball to their respective owners.

The chasing part is fun for all dogs and they also get rewards from the owner when it brings it back . This can be traced to the conditioning done to the dogs by their owners. When the respective behavior is awarded by their owners, it naturally tends to repeat the same more often.

To conclude , dogs love anything to do with stimulating exercises and outdoor activities. It completely rejuvenates them . Fetching activity gives them the necessary elements to enjoy , have fun and exercises. It is a natural instinct for them .

If your dog does not fetch , you will have to check about the history of the breed. Maybe fetching for that particular breed is not possible.Some of the dog breeds do not fetch.



Best dog shampoo for itchy skin

Best dog shampoo for itchy skin

Taking good care of your dog is of utmost importance. Cleanliness of the dog is not only good for the dog but for all of them at home! Have you wondered why your dog is always licking its skin, always scratching and meddling all the time?

We recently wrote an article for best chew toy  

Now we will suggest you the Best Dog Shampoo for itch skin.

This is one the most common problems faced by dog owners.  Dogs can be allergic  to many things. Food is one factor that affects itching, so does environment around the dog. There are various other reasons for the dog to suffer from itchy skin. Let us focus on how to monitor this problem.

  • Pay attention and be aware – When you are having a dog around the house it is important to keep an eye on it. Observe your dog , find out if it is licking, scratching or biting the body parts. The most common body parts that gets affected are; tail belly and feet.
  • It is all about the timing – Does your dog start to itch or scratch after food? Or does it have itching problems after playing on the lawn? Once you observe it will be easy to find out the root cause of the problem.
  • Look for spots – Look for a particular spot where there is excessive moistness or skin lesions. There might be a particular spot where the skin is pink/red.

Now that you have the got the hang of itchy skin and the reasons the next important thing is to choose the right shampoo for itchy dry skin. After lot of research on the internet, we recommend you the Natural Rapport Complete Pet Wash for your dog.  This is available for a reasonable price and the customer feedback is nothing but great. This is just not a shampoo but acts as a 5 in 1. ( Click the below image to purchase the shampoo ) 

Natural Dog shampoo for itchy skin

  • Acts as a shampoo as well as a conditioner.
  • Acts as moisturizer and Deodorizer.  There is absolutely no need to go for multiple products
  • Ingredients used in the product is natural so there is no side effects.
  • Eliminates dry itchy skin and flakes. Highly recommended.
  • Has a beautiful fragrance. The scent is clean as a whistle.
  • After wash the dog gets a silky shiny look.

This product is available on amazon at an amazing price. Have a look at the before/after wash photos of the dogs and you will know the striking difference. Don’t wait anymore. Click on the below image and purchase the shampoo .

Best Dog shampoo for itchy skin


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