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Best dental products for dogs

Best dental products for dogs

Best dental products for dogs

Dogs dental hygiene is very important. First of all it is important to know some basics of dental hygiene.Here we present the best dental products for dogs that can give you knowledge.

In the first place dogs are not as vulnerable as humans to cavities.  But don’t take it for granted that your dog will not have any dental problems. It can still get affected by plaque, gingivitis or tartar.

Bad teeth in humans can affect vital organs like heart, liver and kidney. It is the same as far as dogs are concerned. Sometimes dental problems in dogs can be fatal but please don’t get alarmed by this. There are ways and means to keep your dog healthy.We had written an article about chew toys for teething puppies. Now we are going to suggest you good dental care products.

Like how regular grooming is important to your dog, dental care should be given equal importance. The first virtue which is important is patience! You should know the fact that your dog needs time to understand what is happening. To the dog you are meddling his mouth and it could be irritating in the beginning. But slowly and steadily introduce dental care. The best thing would be introduce in the puppy stage itself.

You can purchase the puppy dental kit shown below. Absolutely great kit.Natural and safe !

Best toothbrush and toothpaste for dogs

Brushing everyday is ideal but there are practical difficulties. Realistically brushing your dog twice or thrice is a good achievement. It is important to not scold or physically hurt the dog when he/she is not cooperating. Make the dog used to the idea of brushing rather than strictly enforcing it. Smaller dog breeds need more brushing than the bigger counterparts because the smaller breeds have crowded teeth, thus plaque accumulates easily in the dogs.

Choosing the right brush for the dog is very important. It should be easy to use and work well. Some websites suggest  human tooth brush could be used but it is advisable to go for a dog tooth brush because it is designed for dog teeth and it is easy to use too.

 As far as toothpaste is concerned never use a human tooth paste. Remember dogs can swallow or ingest tooth paste while brushing , human toothpaste can cause lot of problems to the dogs when consumed. Human toothpaste contain fluoride which can is not advisable to dogs especially those under six months old.We recommend you to purchase this toothpaste mentioned below. ( It has vannila and mint flavor ) Suitable for all breeds .

Easy dental care for dogs

 If you are not comfortable in using a toothbrush or a toothpaste , then the best thing for you would be to purchase a dental care water product. Dog lovers claim this to be the most easy dental care method for dogs. Absolutely great and recommended by Vets.

    Best dental products for dogs


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