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Best leash for dogs

Best leash for dogs

Getting the right leash for your dog is very important. The leash along with the collar is something that should be perfect. There are so many varieties and options as far as dog leash is concerned. It can be overwhelming when you look at the options.We recently wrote an article on chew toys and got excellent response from customers who purchased it. Now , it is out turn to talk about some of the good leashes available in the market. 

So it is better to have a fair idea about the different kinds so that it would help you in getting the right leash for your dog. Please note that it is imperative that your dog is trained. Don’t look at the leash as a controlling tool. A leash would rather help you to make the dog stay our of control.

Let us break it down and this will be useful for dog owners looking for specific requirement.

Best leash for dogs that pull

If you have a dog that is constantly pulling around while taking a walk , then you will have to go in for a specialized leash for dogs that pull . One thing that you should keep in mind is whether the handles are smooth when you have a pulling dog. If your handle is not smooth , then you can experience hard time with taking your dog for a walk.

Here is an excellent model of leash designed especially for dogs that pull . You can click and purchase it.

Leash for dogs that pull

Purchase me :)

Different types of Dog leashes

Cotton Leash You are going to have a tough time looking for a cotton leash . After lot of analysis and conversations with dog owners we recommend you an awesome cotton leash for your dog. A cotton leash works because it is absolutely the best in water.  Probably one of the softest material.

LeatherLeather is probably the favorite dog leash among the owners. The advantage of using a leather leash is that it is very easy to handle and feels good on the hands. Leather is considered to be a very strong material but the main problem could be that it gets softer with age. It is probably the ideal option for adult dogs. Most expensive of the lot.

Chain : Chain is by far the most cheap choice but it is not so advisable. The issue with strain is that it could injure your hand and also harm your dog if it gets entangled. If your dog is big then chain is absolutely not advisable but for small breeds we have an excellent recommendation for you.

Nylon Leash You can call Nylon the king of leashes. It sits at the top of the table as many use Nylon leashes. What works in favor of Nylon is that it is cheap compared to other materials. Since it is cheap you might have a doubt about the strength but Nylon leashes are quite strong. It comes in varied colors too. Nylon is the ideal material for your puppy. One thing you gotta be wary about when using a Nylon leash is that it could leave you a ‘rope burn’. It could be tough handling a nylon leash if your dog is huge and is running out of control!

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